What We Believe

What We Believe

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, whose life and teachings reflect the will of God; and whose death and resurrection leads to eternal life for everyone who proclaims Him as Lord. It is the Holy Spirit, who comes from God above, who fills us and guides us through life.We turn to the scriptures for the truth of God’s Word and His will in our lives. Therefore, our faith is to be centered in Christ, nurtured by the Holy Spirit, and based on the Word of God.

God is the creator of all life, and we are created in His image. His love for all that He created should be an example of how we should love and respect each other. It is our sinful nature which does not allow us to live the way God intended us to live; but it is through God’s grace that He cleanses our soul with the pure blood of Jesus Christ, washing away the brokenness of our sins as we repent from them.

As Jesus sent His disciples out into the world to witness and teach everything He commanded, He also sends us to do the same. As Christ broke down the barriers that separated the Jews from the Gentiles, we too must break down all the barriers that separate us, and come together with Christ as our focus. Beaverdam Mennonite Church is a community that proclaims the Gospel, teaches the Word, provides a place of worship, supports those in need, loves each other, and holds each other accountable.

There are ways that we can show Christ is Lord of our lives. One way is through baptism. We believe baptism is an outward sign of our desire to leave behind a life without Christ (to die), and rise again with Christ in our life (to be born again). As baptism is a symbol of our faith, so is communion and footwashing. Communion regularly reminds us of Christ’s New Covenant with us, and footwashing reminds us of Christ’s desire for us to serve and love our brothers and sisters.

We are all blessed with gifts that come directly from God, and we should continually use these gifts to bring glory to God. We all are called to be disciples and ministers of God. No individual member is more important than the other. We are all pieces of a puzzle that as a whole is greater than one individual. And as a whole, creates the image of what Christ would like the church to be. But all this is only possible when we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct us individually, as a family, and as a church.

We believe that our lives should reflect our faith, and that we should be an example to those around us. Through the truth that we speak, and the actions we take, our lives should reflect the life of Jesus. His ministry revolved around drawing people closer to God the Father, extending God’s love to everyone, teaching the truth and healing the brokenness of our world. The life of the Prince of Peace shows how we can live a peaceful life, and be the faithful stewards God entrusted us to be. And through our faithfulness, we should strive to share our faith with the world so that all may know of God’s love. We look forward to the day that Christ will return, but until that day, we should continue to grow, both individually and collectively, as one in Christ.

-Jay Conn, Previous Pastor